What is an Integrated Research Organization?

Meet Jennifer Byrne of Javara Research

We welcome another North Carolina local as our guest on this episode of People Always, Patients SometimesJennifer Byrne.  Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Javara Research and coined the term Integrated Research Organization or IRO.  Jennifer also founded Greater Gift, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that donates one vaccine or meal for every clinical trial participant.  The former CEO of PMG Research, Jennifer also serves as a trustee for the ACRP, an Advisory Board member of CISCRP, and an Advisor Chair for the Masters in Clinical Research Management with Wake Forest University.

During our conversation, Jennifer spoke about the growing trend of patient centricity in clinical research trials.  This trend correlates with the evolving complexity of clinical trials, especially with respect to the patient’s involvement.  While patient centricity is a progressive step for clinical trials, another aspect in need of updating is physician involvement.  Jennifer founded Javara Research with the focus on “building and providing infrastructure and resources to independent physicians.”  To expand the pool of available research candidates, as well as physician investigators, the pharma industry needs to reach out to the smaller practices, the doctors and patients outside of the larger research organizations.  According to Jennifer, communicating with patients is the key.  How many people have never contemplated participating in some sort of clinical research trial simply because no one had ever asked?

Javara Research provides clinical trial infrastructure services to biopharmaceutical companies and CROs.  Javara puts the focus on creating a new model for clinical trials by engaging patients and physicians alike to expand the access and accessibility of clinical research trials for all involved.

Founded in 2010, Greater Gift donates vaccines and meals to children in need through partnerships with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Feeding America.  To date, Greater Gift has donated 115,000 vaccines, all thanks to the participation of patients.

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